Breakfast Options

Brighten Your Day With Pancakes & Other Breakfast Food

When you visit Hitt's the Spot Café in Billings, MT, you'll feel like you woke up on the right side of the bed

How will you start your day? With a lukewarm cup of coffee from the office breakroom? Or with some hearty homemade breakfast food from Hitt's the Spot Café? We're serving up build-your-own omelets, breakfast sandwiches piled high and breakfast burritos bursting with flavor.

It's time to enjoy breakfast again. Start your day off right by visiting our café in Billings, MT.

More bang for your buck

Our value breakfast option means you can have your eggs - and eat them too. For just $5.00, you'll get two eggs, cooked any way you want, plus your choice of:

  • Two fresh pancakes hot off the griddle
  • Fluffy French toast to satisfy your sweet tooth
  • A biscuit smothered in gravy and served piping hot
If your mouth isn't already watering at the thought of fresh pancakes, it will be once you dig into them. Visit Hitt's the Spot Café now to enjoy the best breakfast food in Billings, MT.